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If you have pets, I want you to know that you can use EFT to help them with health, behavior and emotional issues.  I know this may seem a stretch to your imagination but it is true.  Ever since I wrote JUST SAY GOOD DOG, I have always signed the book and most of my letters with the following:

Learn from and Honor the animals,
We Are All Connected.

I write the above because I believe the energy of each of us is connected to the energy of all of us.  Based on that, the idea of using healing energy modalities makes perfect sense.  Our pets are little sponges for the energy of our emotions.  They soak us up and then send us their healing energy.  Study after study has shown that people who have pets, are healthier, heal faster and seem to live longer.  

With EFT we can not only say Thank You to our beloved pets but also send them some healing energy when they need it.  For example, my beloved dog Promise and I got back from a walk one day and suddenly he started walking on three legs.  He would not put his left rear leg down and did not want me to touch it.  I was concerned that he might have a pulled anterior cruciate ligament.  Instead of continuing on that path of thought, I decided to do some EFT for him and started tapping.  First I tapped on my own concerns and fears:

“Even though I am really scared that Promise has pulled his ACL, I do deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
“Even though Promise seems to be in pain and I am very worried about him, I choose to remain calm and do what I can to help him.”
“Even though this is really stressing me out, I choose to let this healing happen through me and not by me.”

I kept tapping on these thoughts until I felt myself relax.  Then I started to tap for Promise:

“Even though Promise is not using his left rear leg, he is an awesome dog and I do dearly love him.”
“Even though Promise seems to have pain in his left rear leg, he is the best dog in the world and he is safe.”
“Even though Promise won’t put his left rear leg down, he is still an awesome and wonderful dog and he is safe and loved.”

I tapped through all of this about three times.  The first time through he still wouldn’t put his leg down but seemed calmer.  The second time through, he put his leg down but was moving gingerly.  The third time through he just started to walk normally as if none of this ever happened.

I know if you have pets, you love them and want to help them, especially if  they are in pain or going through some behavioral or emotional issue.  EFT will do no harm and just might help!

The following are some ways I do surrogate tapping for pets:

  • Think about your pet’s problem.  
  • Think about your own emotions regarding this problem.
  • Tap on your emotions.  If you doubt tapping will work, then tap on that:  
    On the Karate Chop point:  “Even though I doubt tapping will work for this problem, I choose to get my own feelings out of the way and let this healing work through me and not by me.”
    Repeat three times and then do the sequence:  “Releasing all these doubts.”  “I choose to be successful.  I get myself out of the way.”  “I allow the healing to be done through me and not by me.”
  • Keep tapping until you feel your own emotions are in balance.
  • There are several ways to surrogately  tap on pets.  These techniques will also work when tapping for someone else or for a child.
  1. You can simply imagine you are the pet and tap on yourself but say the phrases as if you are the pet.  For example:  “Even though my left rear leg hurts I am an awesome dog and I know that Linda loves me and I am safe.”
  2. You can visualize your pet and move the image off to one side.  Then simultaneously  tap with one hand on yourself and use the other hand to tap on the visualization. 
  3. You can tap directly on your pet.  In my experience the animals seem to do best when you tap on the top of their head and at the base of the tail.  However, some pets will let you tap on all of their points.  You can experiment by tapping on various points and making note of your pet’s reaction to being touched there.
  4. If your pet seems agitated by the tapping you can continue to tap but bring the intensity down.
  5. If you are getting frustrated while tapping stop and tap away your own frustrations before continuing to tap for your pet.
  6. The more peaceful you are, the better your connection with your pet will be.  Use whatever messages come through to you.  Don’t censor what images, thoughts or ideas you receive.  Feel free to use them all.
You cannot do this wrong.  Whatever you do will be right.  If you run into problems you can contact me for help.