try eft

Try Eft

My name is Linda Goodman and I am a Pet Behavior Consultant, Reiki Master, Homeopath and EFT Practitioner.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is by the far the most effective healing modality I have ever used.   I have been using EFT for eight years on myself, family, friends, dogs, cats and clients with amazing success.  I have had both one minute miracles and long term tapping sessions.  In my experience, EFT always works.  I take Gary Craig’s (the founder of EFT) suggestion to “tap on everything” quite literally.

I have tapped on a refrigerator that wasn’t working and it started to work better.  When my cable TV went on the fritz and they told me it would be three days before a service tech would be able to come, I started tapping on wanting service the very next day.  Lo and behold, the next day two techs from the cable company rang my doorbell.  They said they weren’t sure why they were there but they were in the neighborhood and saw my address on their list for two days hence and took the chance I might be home.  Have you ever heard of a cable company doing that ?  I know I haven’t!

I shall share with you one of my one minute miracle stories.  I walk my precious dog, Promise every day.  We walk very early in the morning, before the sun comes out.  Promise and I walk up a local mountain, Mt. Rubidoux.  On this particular morning, as we got to the top, I twisted my ankle and could not walk.  Since it was still dark and we were the only ones on the mountain at that hour, there was no one to help me.  I pulled out my cell phone but the battery was dead.  OK, next step - PANIC!  

Step 2:  EFT.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  So I started tapping:
“Even though I twisted my ankle and I cannot walk, I do deeply and completely love and accept myself.” I said that whole statement three times while rubbing the sore point.
Then I tapped the sequence, saying, "The pain in my ankle”  at each point.

When I finished that round, I stood up and found that I could hobble a bit.  That was encouraging.  As I started to hobble down the path, I continued tapping:

“Even though I still have this ankle pain, I do . . . . “  three times while rubbing the sore spot.  Then I tapped the sequence saying, “This remaining ankle pain”  at each point.  When I finished this round of tapping, I found that I was walking with a limp.  So I did another round, the same as the last one.  

This time, the pain completely disappeared.  I thought it would probably return when I got home but I was ever so grateful to be able to walk again.  The truth is, the pain never did return.  It was totally gone!

I have used EFT for acute situations, as well as chronic ones.  I have helped lots of people tap away their pain, their food cravings, emotional distress, childhood memories, physical ailments, flu, injuries, etc.  The list is endless.  Gary Craig is right - “Try it on Everything.”

The information on this site is directly from Gary Craig's manual  (Thank you Gary for making all this information available to us.) You may copy it and save it for future reference.

EFT ON A PAGE is all the basic information about EFT on one page.

BASIC RECIPE is the entire sequence for using EFT.  However, there is a shortcut version where you stop at the underarm point.  I suggest you learn the entire sequence and all the tapping points before using the shortcut.